Multiport 1 inch Stainless Steel Pump

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Multiport 1 inch Stainless Steel Pump

Unique 1″ pump model that has different type of fluid connections. This gives flexibility to use this pump as a mobile device that can be connected temporarily to different sizes of pipes in the facility. Stainless Steel pump body guarantees high chemical resistance in a wide range of fluids.

This special pump is from the serie D250. Metallic pumps from that serie have common parameters:

  • Maximum flow rate – 220 l/min
  • Maximum operating pressure – 7 bar
  • Three options of Air Motor – Conductive Polypropylene (ATEX certified pumps), Aluminium, (ATEX certified pumps), Polypropylene (non ATEX)
  • YTS patented Air Valve. Looped C Spring Air Spool
  • Permissible maximum solids size- 6,5 mm

Such a large size (6,5 mm) of solids permissible is unique among 1″ Diaphragm Pumps.

YTS patented High Flow Ball Guide® is not only enable the transfer of large particles, but also significantly improve transfer of high viscous fluids, suspensions and fibrous fluids.

Pumps models of this serie have installed YTS patented Air Eco Ring®, that reduce compressed air consumption by almost 25%.

Compressed air saving Yamada technical service air eco ring
Compressed air-saving, yts patented air eco ring

Fluid ports:

  • Two 1″ Rc ports
  • Two 1 1/2″ Rc ports
  • Two 1″ Flanges

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