YTS Powder Double Diaphragm Pumps 3/4" to 3"

Powder Air Double Diaphragm Pumps

YTS Portable Powder Air Operated Diaphragm Transfer Pumps are specially designed to effectively syphon and transfer very fine, dry and low bulk powders safely, cleanly, and economically through out a process.

YTS Pneumatic Diaphragm Powder Transfer Pumps can help to create a safe, efficient and dust free work environment. They can eliminate the need for intensive manual labour and heavy lifting. They can also be a cost effective replacement for all types of Powder Augers, Mechanical Conveyors, Screw Feeders and Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

To operate correctly, the powder must be completely dry, fine‐grained, free flowing and with low bulk density. The powder will be fluidized inside of the pump, therefore powders that can’t be fluidized, can’t be transferred.

The convening distance will depend entirely on the type of powder, it sweight ,size, shape and bulk density. Typically powders such as Pigments, Activated Carbon, Powder Coatings, Carbon Black, Fumed Silica, Talc, Toners and Powdered Plastics can all be transferred successfully. However, a trial should always be carried out to determine the pump‐ability of a certain type of powder.

YTS Powder Diaphragm Pumps are fitted with an externally mounted Air Induction System. This system is designed to Fluidize (Aerate) the powder. Once in a Fluidized State, the powder will act like a liquid and can be easily transferred from the pump by a hose to a hopper or to process equipment. Air fluidization is controlled by individual Air Valves situated on each of the incoming compressed air lines.

YTS 1" Powder Pump

Powder conveying distance depends upon the micron size and the bulk density of the powder. Powder particle should be no larger than 106 micron. Powder Pump can’t pump crystals or flakes. Powder bulk density should be less than 800 kilogram per cubic metre. The higher the bulk density, the shorter the conveying distance and the lower the flow rate.

YTS Pneumatic Diaphragm Powder Pumps are available in following sizes: ¾”, 1”, 1½”, 2” and 3”.

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