Industrial Grade PTFE Diaphragm Pumps

1” D250TTJ 150 l/min

Industrial Grade PTFE plastic AODD Pumps with  very high chemical resistance are designed specifically to transfer highly aggressive chemicals.

Pumps design reduces the chance of dangerous liquid leakage. Construction utilize heavy duty reinforcement plates, fully bolted body and machined liquid mating surfaces. Short stroke operation of the pumps minimize liquid pulsation.

Special non-lubricated Air Motor with new Looped C ® Spool is designed to reduce process contamination, offering clean emissions free exhaust air.

1/2” D152TTJ 50 l/min
1/4” D050TT-X 11 l/min

Pumps offers consistent and precision fluid transfer, thus specific amounts of fluid can be transferred and metered.

They are self prime, they can run dry and work in dead head applications. Construction is fully modular with replaceable parts, independent pilot valves and with outside accessible air spool.
Pumps can be equipped with ball or flat valves.

1/4” D030TT-X 8 l/min

High Performance
Looped C®
Air Spool

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