YTS pumps are designed for High Performance Operation and Long Life Expectancy.  Engineered with various design features not often found in other brand AODD pumps. YTS has been engaged in the design of diaphragms pumps for over 50 years.

All our Air Operated Diaphragm pumps are produced from high quality Japanese raw materials. Our plastic AODD pumps are manufactured from high grade reinforced engineering plastics for mechanical strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance and chemical stability.

All our Diaphragm Pumps are 100% oil or grease lubrication free, offering clean, emissions free, environmentally friendly operation. They are easily maintainable with fully modular replaceable wear parts. They have fully bolted body, heavy-duty construction and wide sturdy base.

Pumps are fitted with Looped C® Air Spool, Ekonol® Seal Rings and independent Pilot Valves for increased performance, reliability and extended life cycle. All our pumps are tested down to the last detail in order to be able to guarantee flawless operation.

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